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Our hotel has been operating continuously for the last 6 years. Our goal is to provide the best service in a comfortable environment for our customers.

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The kadikoy is rightly considered a favorite destination for young people and tourists. Located on the street of Bahariye in Kadikoy district, which is crowded with tourists and young people. Not far from the Ship, Metro and Metrobus stations. Comfortable rooms and good service are waiting for you.





Mustafa Levent Aksoy


    I started my journey to Pashamoda Hotel in 1990 by working at the London Kensington Hilton Hotel. With the experience I gained in a short time, I established Bonapetit Pension Restaurant Cambervel in London, which was my first venture in 1995, and Pasha hotel in London's First Zone in 1999. I am now launching the Pashamoda hotel to present to you, our esteemed guests, my 30-year experience, which was appreciated by the celebrities of the art and business world I hosted, and even the Queen of England, who was the subject of many national television and newspapers between 1999-2014.

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